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At Hubble Tennis, we believe that it's never too late to pick up a racket and enjoy the wonderful sport of tennis. Our Adult Group Classes are specially designed for adults who want to learn tennis in a fun, friendly, and social environment.

Whether you're a complete beginner or an intermediate player looking to hone your skills, our Adult Group Classes cater to all levels of ability. These classes provide an excellent opportunity to stay fit, meet new people, and improve your game under the guidance of our experienced coaches.

Beginner Classes:

Our beginner classes are perfect for those picking up a racket for the first time or returning to the game after a long break. In these classes, our coaches focus on teaching the basic strokes, service technique, footwork, and rules of the game. The aim is to ensure that each player develops a solid foundation upon which they can build their skills.

Intermediate Classes:

For those who have some experience with tennis and want to take their game to the next level, our intermediate classes are the ideal choice. These classes delve deeper into advanced techniques, tactical play, and match strategy. Our coaches work closely with each player, helping them to refine their strokes, improve their shot selection, and enhance their court positioning.

Matchplay Classes:

For more advanced players, our Matchplay classes offer the chance to put their skills to the test in a competitive yet supportive environment. These sessions involve various singles and doubles matches, allowing players to gain valuable match experience and learn how to handle different game situations.

All our Adult Group Classes are conducted in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Our coaches employ a variety of drills, games, and match play scenarios to ensure that every session is engaging and beneficial for all participants.

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