Tennis Australia has introduced 4 tailored streams to Cardio Tennis; Lite, Play, Classic and Max.
Hubble Tennis will offer Lite and Classic in Term 1 2024 with the aim of expanding with demand.

All Hubble Tennis Cardio Tennis classes will have awesome music, ladders/cones, drills, point play, a social environment and loads of fun!

Cardio Lite

Cardio Lite is an entry level tennis experience that offers a low intensity, low impact way to learn and play tennis. For people who would love to get into tennis.

Sessions are designed to help players learn fundamental tennis skills, improve fitness and promote social connection in a fun, non-judgemental environment. Cardio Lite caters to all levels and is ideal for people new to tennis or those looking to get back into the sport after some time away.


Cardio Play

Cardio Play is the point play session with a focus on intense rallies and competitive points. For people who love to play points.

Sessions are designed to focus on play-based activities, in a medium to high intensity setting. Players enjoy team games and compete in fun point play. Cardio Play caters to individuals with developed rallying skills and provides a challenge for all fitness levels.


Cardio Classic

Cardio Classic is the balanced session focused on blending drills and play. For people who love to work up a sweat.

Sessions are designed with a balance of drill-based and play-based activities, challenging Cardio Bursts, and opportunities for players to connect on court.Cardio Classic caters to all tennis and fitness levels and provides players with a whole-body workout that is non-stop movement.


Cardio Max

Cardio Max is the high intensity session with a focus on tennis drills and a high volume of hitting. For people who love pushing their limits.

Sessions are designed to focus on drill-based activities, incorporate challenging Cardio Bursts, and provide players with the freedom to develop their tennis game without the pressure of results. Cardio Max sessions create anon-judgemental environment by providing players with a high volume of practice to build confidence and develop their competence in movement and tennis skills.



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